Angel Shrugs


Angel Shrug designed by Delamay Devi and produced in Bali with cotton lycra.

This Angel Shrug gives you the wings you’ve always wanted! Wings symbolically mean strength, protection, guidance and the courage to leap off into the unknown, trusting you will fly instead of fall.

You may see these wings as the wings from your guardian angel or as butterfly wings of transformation as a caterpillar enters a cocoon and emerges renewed. This energy of transformation is always present, you just need to be brave enough to say Yes to a new you!

These silver wings radiate out from the back of your heart over the shoulder blades.

Our Angel Shrugs come in Gorgeous Teal, Deep Black, Pure White, Sky Blue and Sugar Plum.



Our Angel Shrugs come in one size only and are designed to sit on your shoulders comfortably. Due to the nature of cotton lycra one size fits many body shapes as it can stretch up to 2cm / 1inch. The measurements are calculated before any stretch in the design.

Sleeve: From shoulder tip to wrist cuff 61cm / 24inches
Back Length: 38cm / 15inches
Shoulder Tip To Shoulder Tip: 41.5cm / 16inches
Wings: Screen printed in silver. Length: 26.5cm / 10inches

Our Shrugs are made individually so the details may vary slightly. Wholesale options available! Please get in touch for if you have any questions.

Washing instructions
To look after these Angel Shrugs we recommend to either hand wash or use a gentle wash cycle with a low heat. Let them to dry naturally inside out or in a low temperature drier. Please note cotton lycra will not last long with constant high temperature drying.

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