Refine Your Art – A Yoga Mentorship Retreat

With Delamay Devi, Ibiza Spain

10 – 17 September 2016


If you are a yogi who has a lust for learning inspiring ways to structure your classes, give hands on assists from a place of total confidence or market your business with ease, join Delamay Devi for a week dedicated to refining your art in Ibiza, Spain!

Curling up under an olive tree in the garden of an idyllic countryside hacienda and surrounded by the warm golden glow of the Mediterranean sun, your body relaxes and you sigh in delight as the chilled Spanish way of life sinks into every pore of your being.

You discover that Ibiza in September is super tranquilo and the pace of life becomes deliciously slow and relaxing – just what the doctor ordered! Here you indulge in siestas, are nourished by home cooked locally sourced cuisine and refine your yoga and teaching skills during our week together.

Walking along the small cobble stone streets lined with cute boutique shops over flowing with Spanish wares, you discover mouth watering tapas restaurants tantalizing your taste buds and filling your belly. With an endless choice of beaches to explore you succumb to a true Spanish love affair for your mind, body and soul.

The transformative power of Ibiza is over looked by many who visit the island but not by us! Tapping into and harnessing the energetic magic of this place during our soul excursions to the most potent and vibrant spots on the island, you feel doubts fade away and your confidence increase as you step into your brilliance by bringing conscious change to the way you practice and teach yoga. Your mind is spacious and clear and your heart is open to receiving daily yoga and sunrise qigong that magnifies your constant state of blissful equilibrium.

Connecting with like minded yogis during the daily themed practice labs and creative study sessions, you dedicate time to refining your teaching skills, learn about different elements of marketing your business, how to hold space for your students and how to formulate incredible workshops in synch with the natural cycles of life.

What To Expect

  • By the end of our week together you will have gained a new teaching skill set overflowing with ingenious ways to inspire your students to keep them coming back to your classes and workshops.
  • Your growth in confidence enables you to effortlessly guide a class that transmits total embodiment of your authentic self and your journey of yoga.
  • You will gain more hands on experience in effective adjustments, structural alignment and have the gift of creating a well-rounded and all inclusive yoga class, workshop or retreat which is in synch with your students abilities and the natural cycle of existence.
  • We will be looking at languaging, how you are communicating with your tribe and finding out if this can be developed in a more poetic and loving way.
  • We will be going beyond the yoga mat diving into your web and social media presence, sharing great ideas for your next yoga event, and looking at writing great copy for your business. Our time together will help you have a better practice, a stronger business, and add more income to your bottom line.
  • There will still be time for enjoying a good book, taking luxurious naps and exploring the charming local shops!

Your Experience

  1. Three Soul Excursions to powerfully charged locations on the island for meditation and planting your seed intentions and prayers into this magical land.
  2. Yoga and movement meditation sessions twice daily to fine-tune and strengthen your mind body connection.
  3. Sunrise qigong to activate, increase and regulate your daily energy.
  4. Go on a deep quest through our reflective morning pages practice to unravel the complexity of your spirit and bring clarity to the path you are on.
  5. Organic nourishment created with love by highly trained, dedicated and experienced vegan and vegetarian chefs.
  6. Step truly into your power to serve your tribe from a place of total dedication and awareness of how to enhance their relationship to yoga
  7. Receive support and personalised attention throughout the week towards refining your passions and dreams to bring them to life!

The Itinerary

DAY 1 - Landing and Arriving

ibiza_hacienda_terrace_smArriving in Ibiza with ease, you meet our driver who will transport you to our hacienda, a short 30 minute drive from the airport. Immediately you feel no rush as you take your time to check in and unpack while enjoying a fresh juice and giving yourself permission to fully land.

Attuning to the vibrant and peaceful atmosphere you enjoy a short stroll around the lush Mediterranean gardens, familiarising yourself with the soul-nourishing surroundings. Your inner work begins by setting your intention during the welcome ceremony to set yourself up for the week of refining your art on all levels.

Starting to get to know each other while feasting on a three-course dinner, feeling fully arrived and at ease. As the evening sets in you socialise and share your journey while sipping on infused water and herbal teas before going to sleep in super soft and organic luxury bed linen.

DAY 2 - The Journey Begins

ibiza_spiralWaking up with the sun peaking over the horizon you gently activate and regulate your energy for the day with early morning qigong. Fueled with a slow pressed green juice, your morning pages are initiated by sacred questions dedicated to re-affirming the connection to your hearts calling, uncovering any shadow aspects and making peace with your ego.

As you unroll your mat for our first yoga practice together the sounds of local birds can be heard as the sun is gently rising with its rays providing a gorgeous hue in the sky. The freshness of a new day holds the cleansing qualities which match the solar and heating aspects of our yoga and movement meditation practice, with a variety of Prana Vinyasa Namaskars, artistic sequencing and balancing pranayama your mind and body is flooded with gratitude to be on this path of refinement. Now you are ready for the earthly offerings of brunch to power up on vegetarian, vegan, raw and gluten-free deliciousness to get you through the day.

Gathering as teachers and students for a few hours each day, you start the journey of fine-tuning your art – the expression of your work and passion. You map out in your journal what you hope to achieve during the week as our first themed practice lab is dedicated to planning and executing the ideas you have not had the motivation to do. The healthy artisan snacks and home-made delights ensure that your mind stays inspired and in focus as you continue refining your art with a dedicated study session to finish writing a blog post about your latest experience of building core strength.

DAY 3 - Cleansing with the Healing Waters

ibiza_aquas_blancasRising with the sun and heading to one of the best beaches in Ibiza, Aquas Blancas. Be prepared to immerse yourself in the pristine waters of the Mediterranean sea while you feel the rays of the soft morning sun on your skin. With a dynamic active kriya meditation we harness any doubt, fear, anxiety and uncertainty to be cleansed and transformed by the salt in the sea. You dunk yourself several times into the refreshing waters for total rebirth or infuse theses energies into pebbles found on the beach and cast them back into the waters to be gone for ever! During this moment you liberate yourself and fully let go of that which is holding you back before directing your energy and passion into your dharma and your purpose!

With mental clarity today’s study session and practice labs are dedicated to cleansing your work space or studio. By inviting others into our environment they bring with them a lot more then their physical selves and when they leave their energy (positive and negative) lingers. You learn how to make sure your work space is a safe place of nurture and open relaxation for all who come to learn from you. From burning incense to playing gentle music and lighting candles, all theses things help to cleanse your space but so does programming crystals, feng shui and chanting. Together we experiment and make a list of ways to keep the balance and equilibrium in your working environment.

DAY 4 - Historic Ibiza

ibiza_dalt_vilaWalking through the winding pebbled stone streets and small entrance ways common to Spanish architecture you feel magnetically drawn back through time. The walls of the castle are seeped in history remembering the once simple village life of being romanced by the smell of baking bread and buying your fruit and vegetables direct from the farmer. Little boutique shops line the streets with local people sitting around drinking homemade sangria and playing cards.

Here we witness the strength of the stone walls and how they have protected the island from pirates and invaders for decades. Today’s themed practice lab provides you with more insight into holding space and how the strength of your presence and actions can affect your group or the individual you are with. The way we communicate and the languaging used also invokes a sense of ease or unease within your environment. Witnessing each others body language, non verbal communication, simple gestures and tuning into how this co creates the bhav or energetic state of the room. Partnering up with someone you only met a few days ago gives you an incredible insight into how to transform the vibe of your clients experience which enables them to go deeper into their meditation and build trust in you as their teacher on their journey of self discovery.

DAY 5 - Island of Hidden Gems

ibiza_caveIbiza is an island of hidden gems and mystery with many isolated beaches only reachable by boat and hidden secret caves. During your meditation in the cave for Goddess Tanit, a wave of motherly love washes over you induced with a sense of support, encouragement and wild abandonment! In this space you feel a serge of motivation and passion that gives you the realization that you are ready to establish yourself as a experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy teacher in your community, one who people seek out for advice, inspiration and guidance. The locals believe that Goddess Tanit was a warrior of dance, fertility, creation and destruction and Ibiza was her Island until the Romans suppressed her cult.  This essence of wild abandonment provides you with the strength and courage to have faith in yourself regardless of the challenges we face on and off the yoga mat.

During your visit to this Goddess cave you leave behind a personal symbolic offering for Goddess Tanit, it may be a candle, a poem, a crystal or something in relation to your dharma. In doing so there will always be a special part of yourself continuing to soak up the mysterious and transformative energy of Ibiza.

This evening is free and open for you to create more lasting memories of your time here in Ibiza. You feel fully charged and adventurous to explore and taste more of the best local cuisines the island has of offer, from homemade gelato, incredible paella and local almond liquor, this evening dazzles you with Ibiza’s finest in shopping, eating and living like a local on a very rich and abundant island.

DAY 6 - Connecting with Es Vedra

ibiza_es_vedra_delamay_devi_yogaThe kinesiology session you experienced a few days ago is starting to take effect, your blocks have been released and you are feeling empowered to continue implementing refining your art at home with the tools and techniques share with you during the week. You have your manual with notes and reference points to turn too if need be.

For sunset Es Vedra is calling! Some believe this location is the third most magnetic place on the planet after the north and the south pole. The peace, potency and tranquility vibrating in the air while sitting on the cliff edge is similar to other sacred sites around the world such as Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal and the great pyramids of Giza. There is no mobile phone signal and on special occasions the sunsets can last for hours. Sealing in our week of refining our art together by going deep into meditation, silently chanting to yourself, writing or just sun gazing as we witness the sea swallow up the sun as another day on this magical island ends. Many people feel they leave a part of themselves at Es Vedra so you can draw upon its potent power at any time regardless of where you are in the world.

DAY 7 - Integrated and Inspired

Delamay Devi Yes!Gathering as a group for the last time, you notice a brighter spark in each others eyes, you are brimming and over flowing with newfound skills, ideas and plans of action to inspire your yoga community back home. During the closing circle your heart is a total expression of gratitude and joy, exchanging hugs you feel your newfound friends are now part of your extended family. Deep inside of you is a knowing that they will support you from afar and you will be forever connected.

You feel the lessons and experiences from the week will continue to have a ripple affect long after you return home. With renewed confidence, a focused motivation, inner strength and knowledge from this week of transformation and refinement together you are ready to inspire others by bringing your dreams into reality and to pass on what you now are living and breathing daily.

What’s Included

During our week together you receive…

  • 7 nights of total eco luxury in a gorgeous twin room with two XL single beds in each room
  • Brunch and Dinner daily (apart from one evening which is free for you to eat out)
  • 13 two-hour Prana Vinyasa yoga / meditation / movement sessions
  • 7 sunrise qigong sessions with Aimo (Delamay’s partner)
  • Six two-hour themed practice lab sessions
  • Six one-hour study sessions
  • A private 30 minute mentorship session with Delamay to refine your goals and intentions during this week
  • A 30 minute kinesiology session for reprogramming beliefs with Aimo
  • Group airport transfers
  • Healthy snacks will be provided which range from organic olives on ice, gluten free artisan crackers with cashew cream, mini smoothie, home made ice-cream with gluten and sugar free cookies, humus with vegetables, frozen vegan yoghurt and organic fruit bars, vegan carob muffins plus a daily fresh fruit bowl! YUM!

V.I.P. Upgrade

If you are looking for the total Ibiza experience then check out our optional VIP upgrade which will really make this week truly a week to remember! In true Ibiza style we have created this upgrade package to seriously align you with your dharma and enhance your week of luxurious living!

  • For a small additional fee of  €350 you receive
  • 1 hour private mentorship session with Delamay
  • 30 minute web strategy session with Aimo
  • 30 minute photo shoot for web and marketing purposes with Aimo
  • 1 hour massage with Amrita our in house masseuse
  • Private airport transfers

VIP Upgrades need to be confirmed no later then the 1st September.


What’s Not Included

  • Flights
  • Personal, medical and trip cancellation insurance
  • One evening dinner which is a free evening to eat out

Any other activities not specifically listed here

Your Hosts

Delamay Devi and Aimo Javier are excited to be sharing their knowledge and experience with you in this special retreat designed to make you shine! Bringing together Delamay’s 20+ years of teaching experience and Aimo’s 15+ years of website and online training experience, their intention is to refine your teaching skills by covering aspects such as sequencing, hands on assists, languaging and communication, social media and online presense, planning and executing ideas and so much more! Their travels have taken them to many conscious communities around the globe and for the first time they will be sharing their intimate knowledge of Ibiza, where they spent a year.

Delamay Devi

A yogini, dancer, foodie, mentor and lover of summer! Born and raised in Byron Bay, Dela­may divides her time between Aus­tralia, Europe and Asia, fol­low­ing the sun and offering workshops, trainings and retreats in many beau­ti­ful parts of the world.

With a back­ground in dance it was a nat­ural pro­gres­sion into teach­ing yoga and delve deeper into the rhythm of the breath, the nat­ural flow of the body and the form­less­ness of med­i­ta­tion. Delamay runs a successful online mentorship program assisting yogis to refine their skills as teachers and to bring their dreams into reality.

Delamay is honoured to assist Shiva Rea and the tribe throughout the year and she is known for her intuitive teaching style and finding ways to enhance your embodied experience. Delamay is looking forward to this collaboration with her long time partner and best friend Aimo! We will be working together to bring you the best Ibiza has to offer!

Aimo Javier

A certified Tai Chi and Medical Qigong Instructor, Aimo’s journey with internal martial arts began in 2000. His teaching methods are simple and clear, using both traditional and modern approaches for increased somatic awareness, martial skill and energy development. You can expect a balanced mix of learning through practice and learning in-depth practical detail.

“The retreat was simply outstanding , the movement medicine was world class , the food was ridiculous, the people were a joy to be around – money well spent and hopefully spending again next year.”

Ashley Arrez, London

Deposits / Payment Structure

To secure your space for this retreat all we require is a €500 registration deposit. The remaining balance can be paid in instalments TBA or in full by the end of July 2016.

€1700 Super duper early bird price – Register before 30th April 2016.

€1900 Early bird price – Register before 31st May 2016.

€2100 Regular price – Register after 31st May 2016.

Special discounts apply for anyone who has completed a Mentorship program with Delamay! Payments can be made via Paypal or for people coming from the UK or Australia, deposits can be made via bank transfer.

Want more info? Request an information pack here.

Cancellation & Payment Policy

It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy. No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur and we encourage you to purchase travel / cancellation insurance to cover any unfortunate eventualities. Please note that because this retreat has limited numbers, it allows for a more personable, intimate experience, our non refundable cancellation policy is in place to ensure the highest quality of service and experience for all. Exceptions cannot be made for any reason, including weather, injury/illness, or personal emergencies. No refunds for arriving late or leaving early is available. Deposits are non-refundable. Although 50% of deposit can be applied to another retreat with Delamay within a calendar year. The final payment must be made 60 days before the retreat which begins 10 September. If you sign up for the retreat within 60 days of the retreat starting full payment is required as soon as possible to secure you place. Contact us for any further inquires about our policy.

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