Suitable for:


  • Day Dreamers & Visionaries

  • Yoga Students & Teachers

  • Travellers & Solo Artists

  • Professionals & Amateurs

Refine Your… What?


A 7-day online course for living and breathing your passions out in the world.

You Will Receive

A comprehensive eBooklet to work through during this seven day course with daily guidance landing in your inbox. Private access to inspirational videos with Delamay introducing you to simple step by step instructions offering insight and support to take your ideas and seed intentions from conception to delivery!

Day 1: Form your foundation

Clarify, solidify & establish your intention. ‘I am Grounded in my intention.’

Day 2: Unleash your creativity

Creating, moving & bringing it to life. ‘My creative juices are Flowing.’

Day 3: Ignite your passion

Empowerment, self belief & accountability. ‘I believe in my ability to Shine.’

Day 4: Embrace your purpose

Attitude of gratitude & celebrating the journey. ‘I Love & approve of myself.’

Day 5: Verbalise your creation

Communicate, express & strategise. ‘I express & Translate my work with total ease.’

Day 6: Trusting your intuition

Navigating through doubt & over coming fear. ‘My Vision is a reflection of my truth.’

Day 7: Staying connected

Trusting the process unfolding in divine timing.
‘I Surrender my intention to the will of the divine.’

‘As someone who is a committed yogi, but yet not a certified yoga teacher, I was unsure if I would “fit” into the program. But as an online business entreprenuer it was a real treat to combine opening the body and mind work together. It is very similar to my home practice of yoga sadhana and business acumen. But the group aspect held the biggest difference. Being amongst a group of people with similar practices and goals allowed us to share ideas and talents. It became a cohesive group experience of inspiration and support. Thank you for a great experience.’

Keme, USA ~ 2016 Refine Your Art Attendee


Gift yourself this opportunity to creatively achieve your goals easier with tried and tested ways, proven to work while having fun all in the comfort of your own home!

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