Self Love Embodied Ritual

A 3-day virtual retreat with Delamay Devi

Delamay will be sharing a full spectrum of practices in alignment with Self Love through yoga, movement medicine, ritual, guided meditation, balancing pranayama, personalised astrology, Ayurvedic practices, journaling, inspiring music recommendations and self soothing activities.


Self Love Embodied Ritual Retreat

Gift your nervous system time out for renewal a few hours a day over three sacred days dedicated to self care. Return to yourself in honour of cultivating vitality, health and embodied wellness!

CPD hours: 12
Course dates: 16, 23, 30 May
Suitable for all lovers of yoga and embodiment. Certified yoga teachers receive CPD hours plus a certification of attendance.

Retreat overview

  • Tend to yourself and your individual needs through the lens of Astrology and Archetypes.
  • Experience different tools and techniques from Ayurveda, Thai Massage, Tantra and Prana Vinyasa Yoga for daily nourishment.
  • Learn how to positively respond to your nervous system by identifying when your body needs to rest, restore and reset.
  • Share a daily routine of tuning into the innate wisdom of your body through journalling, collective kindness and shared compassion.
  • Create your own rich, diverse and inspiring ritual for continued wellness to serve all energy levels, hormone changes and life challenges.
  • Discover new music that inspires meditation as we prescribe ourselves the ultimate movement medicine daily.
  • Understand the seven pillars of self care as we mindfully apply them each day while on retreat.
  • Enjoy the company of like minded yoginis and be inspired by their journey during these unpredictable times.
  • The recording of each session will be sent within 24hrs so you can have your own retreat time as and when it suits you.

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance offers certified yoga teachers 12 hours of continued professional development.

Date & Time

Contact Delamay if you have any questions.

During this retreat you’ll receive:

  • Three full Prana Vinyasa yoga practices for all levels designed to balance, harmonise and restore your nervous system.
  • Confidence in knowing how to positively respond to your body when it needs to rest instead of pushing on through .
  • diverse selection of tools and techniques to support the rejuvenation of your spiritual, energetic and physical wellbeing. 
  • A certificate of completion recognised by Yoga Alliance providing all hOMework is submitted by the due date.
  • A downloadable work book with journalling prompts, self care gestures and a Venus discovery guide.
  • Life time access to the course material and practice videos for you to return to and enjoy at anytime.
  • Group accountability within a supportive environment with like minded yoginis on and offline.
  • Daily Q & A and group mentorship with Delamay to assist your individual journey and ritual.

Listening to the subtle signs

A downloadable workbook will be emailed to you a few days before the retreat starts. Delamay’s wish for todays new world is for Self Care to be normalised and for the narrative to be a positive one, for hugs to be welcome’d and not feared, for our sick and elderly to feel physically connected to their families and for the tactile relationship between us to be restored.

Embodied Ritual welcoming circle meditation with intention setting.
A balancing Prana Vinyasa Yoga practice.
Practice reflection and discussion on the 7 pillars of Self Care.
How to use your Venus discovery guide.
Q+A and group discussion in preparation for tomorrow.

Returning to yourself

Deep into ourselves, deeper then we have ever gone before. To that place inside of ourselves which pulsates with unadulterated wisdom, where the light within the dark crevasse of the soul shine a blindingly bright light, vibrating with the essence of our unique creative life force. And we wait, watch and listen for the words which only make sense to you.

Embodied Ritual meditation with check in and intention setting.
A balancing Prana Vinyasa Yoga practice.
Practice reflection and discussion on Self Soothing.
Self Soothing gesture, affirmation and activity.
Q+A and group discussion in preparation for tomorrow.

Celebrate your uniqueness

During this past 12 month we’ve all had our nervous systems held at ransom at some point, be it from lockdown, the impact of not able to hug a loved one good buy or from spending too much time alone. We don’t know the long term effect of what this pandemic has on us yet but we can ensure we counter this experience with a positive narrative sooner rather then later. Lets celebrate our own uniqueness and honour how far we’ve come!

Embodied Ritual meditation with check in and intention setting.
A balancing Prana Vinyasa Yoga practice.
Practice reflection and discussion on Self Apprection.
Self Appreciation gesture, affirmation and activity.
Q+A and group discussion and closing circle.

*To receive your certificate of attendance your hOMework reflection is due one week from today.

Payment & Registration

To register for this virtual retreat please complete this registration form and choose your payment preference below.
To activate a payment plan your first deposit of $100AUD is due now and the remaining balance is due 7-days before we start. 

Early bird until TBA: $249. Regular price $299

Payment plan
First deposit: $100 Remaining balance due TBA.

CPD Course, Retreat Agreement & Cancellation Policy

No one signs up to a course or retreat with the intention of cancelling but along with the unpredictability of life we can never know what is around the corner. Upon committing to these courses / retreat please know I (Delamay) am also whole heartedly committed to you! Like everything in life, what you put into theses offerings is exactly what you receive from it. When you come with an open mind and willingness to do the work, magic can happen! By signing up you are also confirming you have read and understood this agreement and agree to all the points listed here. Times and dates of the sessions will be confirmed at the beginning of each course and will vary to suit different time zones. You will receive a copy of the practices within 24hrs along with a certificate of attendance providing your attendance has been 100% and you have completed the final hOMework. Due to the intimate group setting and bespoke material shared there are no refunds for these CPD courses or online retreats. The payment can not be transferred to another event with Delamay. If you are opting for the payment plan this is due at the agreed date above without delay. No course material will be sent to you without payment. Any questions regarding the above please contact

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