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Goddess Inspired Earrings

Delamay is the creatrix of Devi Designs! When she’s not teaching yoga, facilitating retreats or working with her mentorship program she designs jewellery which is handmade in beautiful Bali! These ethically made, light-weight, high quality, 925 silver earrings are great for everyday use, they can be worn on and off the yoga mat and be dressed up or down with total ease!

 Goddess Inspired Malas

These Devi Designs Malas have been skillfully designed by Delamay and ethically made in beautiful Bali surrounded by mantra and prayers. The intention is to capture the different vibration of the Goddesses. They can be worn daily or kept for special occasions for when you really want your gorgeous Goddess self to shine!

BEAUTIFUL Offerings! I love them and wear everyday!

Shiva Rea

Devi Designs Sri Wraps


We LOVE to wrap up in these!


The Sri Wrap print represents nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central (Bindu) point encased by a Padma (lotus flower). “Sri’ translates as grace, splendour, lustre, beauty, wealth, affluence, prosperity and it represents the goddess in her form of Shri Lalita or Tripura Sundari.


Four triangles reaching towards the heavens symbolises Shiva or the sacred Masculine and five triangles extending downward, symbolises the female embodiment Shakti. Thus the Sri Yantra also embodies the union of Masculine and Feminine Divine.


Choose to wrap yourself up in Gorgeous Teal (our most popular colour), Deep Black, Vibrant Purple, Elegant Cream, Sky Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Burnt Orange, Forest Green, Majestic Mauve or Pure White.

“Amazing #core #igniting and #yoga #dance @delamaydeviyoga just what I needed after a long day”

@Vince Starr

Delamay Devi Yoga DVDs

A wide selection of digital yoga downloads to practice with Delamay at home! Filmed in Australia, Spain, Bali and Malaysia. The content is suitable for beginners to advance practitioners and include movement meditations, creative Prana Vinyasa Yoga sequencing and more!

Cancellation, Exchange & Returns Policy

If you want to cancel your order email us at within 24hours. Include your name, address and order details so we can action your request ASAP. You have the right to return the product within 7 working days from the date of delivery. The Sri Wraps can only be returned as new, unused and in the original packaging. Malas that have already been worn cannot be returned because of the specific energetic qualities as they will not be re-salable for others. Earrings that have already been worn can not be returned due to hygiene purposes. The purchase amount will be refunded in full within 14 working days upon receipt of the item. All returns are to be sent to a specified address provided by Delamay Devi Yoga and you the buyer covers the postage cost for all returns and exchanges and take full responsibility for returning the item to Delamay Devi. Digital download DVDs are non-refundable.

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