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CPD Yoga Course

Embodiment Practices for the Tridevi.
A Yoga, Tantra and Hindu Cosmology online course with Delamay Devi.


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A Yoga, Tantra & Hindu Cosmology online course

Embodiment Practices for the Tridevi

Learn, embody and experience the essence of the Tridevi through yoga and movement practices, Tantra philosophy, meditation and self inquiry as we connect to these profound and sacred teachings in a grounded way.

With Delamay Devi

What is the Tridevi?

Tri‘ means three and ‘Devi‘ means shining one or Goddess. 
Tridevi is a concept in Hindu cosmology connecting the three consorts of the Trimurti (Great Trinity) which are personified by the Hindu Goddesses; Saraswati (connected to Brahma the Creator), Lakshmi (connected to Vishnu the Preserver/ Protector) and Parvati or Durga (connected to Shiva the Destroyer/ Transformer).

In Tantric philosophy, Tridevi is the manifestation of Adi Parashakti or the causative unlimited force, streaming pure divine consciousness. The Tridevi represent Shakti, the feminine essence or lifeforce energy that is the driving force behind creating, sustaining and destroying/ transforming .



  • Learn the Hindu cosmology and Tantric teachings for the Tridevi and how this trinity is expressed in the different sacred Masculine and divine Feminine forms.

  • Create your very own rich, diverse and inspiring embodied ritual to unlock, enliven and live daily with the individual essence of Shakti.

  • Experience a diverse selection of tools and techniques to understand, connect too and embody the different qualities of the Tridevi for your personal evolution.

  • Discover how your dharma is influenced and aligned with the rich tapestry of the Tridevi, Shakti embodied and living relationship to yoga.

Prana Vinyasa Sadhana Yoga Retreat

With Delamay Devi @ The House Of Moons, Byron Hinterland

Postponed to 2022


Daily yoga, movement, meditation, conscious breath work & intention setting as we take root to rise into the emerging light & fertile vibes of Spring with a tribe of likeminded yogis!

Our Retreat Highlights:

    • Six yoga movement and meditation practices with Delamay including a welcome ceremony and closing circle.
    • Homemade, organic and delicious vegan/ vegetarian meals twice daily plus tea and healthy snacks.
    • Group transport from Byron Bay to the House of Moons on 24 Sept and back to Byron Bay on 27 Sept.
    • A Turkish steam room group session, X2 outdoor Hot Tub sessions, Massage and a ceremonial equinox bonfire offering and dance party.
    • Daily swims in the 15m pool overlooking the expansive lush lands with peaceful walking trails surrounding the House Of Moons.


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“Our discussions have added a deeper level to my teaching in such a short time. Delamay has the kindest heart and a wealth of knowledge in all areas of Yoga from prana, mantra and metaphysics to the business end of marketing and budgets.”

Suz, Australia

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Sri Wraps

Our Sri Wraps represent the Goddess in her true form of Shri Lalita or Tripura Sundari. Designed by Delamay and made with cotton lycra.

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