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Dancing The Body Mandala

A Full Moon Yoga Retreat in the beautiful Byron Hinterland, Bundjalung Country. Delamays annual gathering at the House of Moons!

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Dancing The Body Mandala

A Full Moon Yoga Retreat in the Byron Hinterland with Delamay Devi!
21 – 26 February 2024


If you are seeking time out to rewild and reconnect to self through a tapestry of embodiment practices and sacred ritual under the illuminating light of the Full Moon, than this retreat is for you!


Dancing The Body Mandala Yoga Retreat Highlights!

To dance the body mandala means to honour the sacred dance of every breath and every precious moment we have while being alive!
  • Inspiring yoga, movement meditation and Somatic practices with Delamay including a welcome ceremony and closing circle.
  • Yoni steaming, forest bathing, healing massages, intentional cacao ceremonies, mandala creation and daily journalling.
  • Full Moon ecstatic dance bonfire ritual and celebration with DJ Devi!
  • Homemade and home grown, organic and delicious meals twice daily plus ample tea and healthy snacks.
  • Turkish steam room and hot tub session under a starry full moon sky!
  • Stay cool by the pool or explore the edible gardens, bamboo forest and lush surrounds.
    House of Moons Yoga Retreat group

    A Summer Solstice Day Yoga Retreat with Delamay Devi

    Celebration  Illumination  Connection

    17 December 2023
    Receive the healing medicine of taking time out just for you!
    Give yourself permission to disconnect from the daily summer routine to recharge, return to self and connect with a like-minded community in the peaceful Byron Hinterland. 

Together we’ll breathe, explore, listen, receive, meditate and dance in honour this illuminating Solstice time.

    In person, Bundjalung Country

    Summer Solstice Celebration

    Summer time invites us to enjoy the outdoors, soak up the long bright days and spend quality time with friends and family.


    This day retreat is designed to support your journey through the heightened activity of Summer with harmonising embodiment practices, nourishing delicious food and self care activities, leaving you feeling energised, replenished and restored on all levels.

    According to Ayurveda, Summer time is Pitta time. Pitta is predominately Fire and Water, when out of balance this can cause inflammation, mood swings and interrupted sleeping patterns. This Solstice day retreat is all about harmonising the Pitta qualities through loving self care and conscious embodiment practices plus the food we eat. Alive and Wild catering will be serving up a tasty treat. All welcome!

    Day Retreat Highlights:

      • X2 Yoga Movement and Mediation practices with Delamay.

      • Insightful and current Astrology discussion with Vicki to help you navigate this Solstice time.

      • A deeply relaxing Sound Healing journey with Alice and Delamay while being bathed in Mystic poetry. 

      • Enjoy the sauna, cool off in the pool or take a walk on these magical lands.
      • Lunch, snacks, herbal tea and kombucha from Alive and Wild foods.

      • For certified Yoga teachers: explored the vast landscape of our embodiment through the art of translating the poetry of the body through Somatic Languaging with Delamay.

      • For non Yoga teachers: Take an elemental journey into the surrounding lands with mindfulness and meditation for a Forest Bathing experience guided by Tai Chi Forest.

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    Suz, Australia

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