Refine Your Art, A Transformational Yoga Retreat, Ibiza


Join us in Ibiza this September for our signature Refine Your Art, a transformational Yoga mentorship retreat.

Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 2018

Teacher Training

A 300hr Prana Vinyasa® Afilliate Yoga TT across Australia and Bali. Join Delamay and special guests for this annual training!

Yoga mentorship with Delamay Devi


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Prana Vinyasa® 300HR Yoga Teacher Training

With Delamay Devi and special guests, Australia 2018–2019

Byron Bay • Bali

Experience innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow within the rhythm of class. Practitioners learn classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow drawn from Krishnamacharya’s teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti, Somaticsand Shiva’s teaching experience from the last 20 years.

Join us for the full 300HR program in Australia and Bali or dive into separate modules. Each module offers extensive training, study and embodiment of Prana Vinyasa®, including Elemental Vinyasa, Yoga Trance Dance, Shakti Sadhana and Soma Vinyasa. Plus hands on assists, wave sequencing, Ayurveda for self care and more!

Refine Your Art Yoga Retreat

With Delamay Devi, Ibiza Spain

8 – 14 September 2018

Are you a yogi with a lust for transformational adventures? Longing for a life of luxury with ample time to deepen your physical and spiritual connection to your practice? Join Delamay for a week on the dreamy sun-drenched Balearic island of Ibiza!



Imagine yourself curled up on one of the gorgeous daybeds at our idyllic cliff top hacienda, nestled amongst a lush pine forest, looking out upon endless and mesmerizing views of the horizon over the sea. 

Feel the warm golden glow of the Mediterranean sun on your skin and feel your entire body settle as you sigh in delight, embracing the relaxed Spanish way of life.

Take a short walk down a rugged cliff path to find yourself on a stunning, secluded and unspoilt beach or perhaps you simply relax in a quiet nook, occasionally reviving yourself in the sweet infinity pool. We meet for inspiring daily practices on the stunning yoga deck nestled away in the forest, with jaw-dropping views and each evening as epic sunsets fill the sky, you say goodbye to yet another perfect day.

Ibiza in September is super tranquilo and the pace of island life is deliciously slow and completely rejuvenating. Here you indulge in siestas, start and end each day with yoga, are nourished by a home cooked locally sourced cuisine which will leave your taste buds so satisfied, your belly very happy and your body brimming with delight.

Your week is sprinkled with soul excursions to some of the most powerfully charged spots on the island where we plug into this transformative energy filling our cups with enough to share to our friends and family back home.


  • Six luxurious nights in an Ibiza style villa nestled high on a cliff edge with jaw-dropping uninterrupted views of the sea
  • Mouthwatering vegan, vegetarian and raw brunch, dinner and snacks daily (apart from one evening which is free to eat out)
  • 12 two-hour Prana Vinyasa yoga/ meditation/movement sessions with Delamay
  • Six sunrise qigong sessions with Aimo (Delamay’s partner)
  • Airport transfers regardless of when you land and depart
  • A deep tissue healing massage to unravel the knots from travelling
  • A surprise gift bag filled with goodies to capture this memorable time together
  • Soul excursions to some hidden gems and powerfully charged locations on the island

Mentorship package upgrade
Upgrading to our yoga mentorship retreat package means you will have the unique opportunity to work in a group and 1:2:1 with Delamay and Aimo on refining your art/teaching skills and different aspects of your business. From web design, marketing, branding and finding your target audience to planning and executing workshops, budgeting to ensure you make money and cover your expenses, creating inspirational offerings for your tribe, hands-on adjustments, holding space for others during challenging times and so much more. Visit the retreat page to see what’s included in this upgrade.

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Customised mentorship support to suit your needs.

Are you a new yoga teacher? Or lacking inspi­ra­tion? Or perhaps you need a accountability partner?

Delamay is here to support you on your path regardless of where you are. She offers honest feed back and openly shares with you from 20+ years of teaching experience and 8+ years of living nomadically. What­ever your needs, reach out and book your free 30 minute con­sul­ta­tion today!

“Our discussions have added a deeper level to my teaching in such a short time. Delamay has the kindest heart and a wealth of knowledge in all areas of Yoga from prana, mantra and metaphysics to the business end of marketing and budgets.”

Suz, Australia

Delamay Devi Yoga DVD's

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Unroll your mat and enhance your practice at home with Delamays latest yoga DVDs. Movement meditations and creative yoga sequences for all levels!

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Goddess inspired silver earrings and powerful malas designed by Delamay and handmade in Bali!

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Our Sri Wraps represent the Goddess in her true form of Shri Lalita or Tripura Sundari. Designed by Delamay and made with cotton lycra.

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