Lunar Earrings


Our Lunar (Moon) earrings were designed by Delamay Devi and inspired by the Moon’s healing silvery rays as it waxes and wanes from fullness into fertile darkness. They are handmade by a Balinese silversmith family with .925 sterling silver using high-grade gemstones and include:

  • A crescent moon design with detail inscription on the moon itself and a gemstone centrepiece hanging from a French hook.
  • Three silver chains dangling from the moon with clear zircon encased in silver reflecting the moons healing rays.
  • Every order is sent out in protective Devi Designs packaging to ensure they arrive safely.

Length: 8cm from top of french hook to the tip of the clear zircon gemstone.
Width: 2.5cm at the widest part of the moon.
Gemstones: Rainbow moon stone: 5x8mm.
Clear zircon: 5x7mm.

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Rainbow moonstone: Moon Goddess connection and strengthens psychic perception. Balances and harmonises the divine feminine and sacred masculine energies. Enhances creativity and inspiration.
Clear zircon: Clarity with high vibrations. Spiritually grounding and can draw energy from the crown down into the earth. Strong in virtue and great for clearing stuck energy to purify the body mind and spirit.
Sterling Silver: Self-observation, inner and outer reflection, expansion of perception and ease of multi-tasking.

Om Som Somaya Namah

I honour and bow to the healing nectar of the Moon.

The moon has been revered for centuries throughout time across many cultures and religions. There are thousands of myths and legends surrounding the Moon and its cycles which is steeped in ritual, ceremony, women circles and all night dance parties.

In Hindu mythology the crescent moon is seen on the head of Lord Shiva symbolising the time cycle through which creation evolves from the beginning to the end. Chandra (Sanskrit for Moon) is the Hindu Lunar Deity for the moon. He is one of the nine planets in Vedic astrology and is described as young and beautiful, two-armed and carrying a club and a lotus riding a Moon vehicle.

Soma is translated as the healing and regenerative qualities of the moon’s rays and the illuminating light which shines down upon us.

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