Saraswati Earrings


Each pair of Saraswati inspired earrings has been designed with devotion by Delamay Devi and handmade in beautiful Bali with .925 sterling silver using high-grade gemstones and includes:

  • Peacock feather design with gemstone centrepiece hanging from a French hook.
  • A mantra for invoking Saraswati plus a personal ritual for wearing them.
  • Every order is sent out in protective Devi Designs packaging to ensure they arrive safely.

Length: 5cm from top of french hook to the tip of the feather.
Width: 2cm at the widest part of the feather.
Gemstones: 7mm x 5mm

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Om Aim Saraswatiya Namaha!

Saraswati means ‘essence of the self’. Sara means ‘Essence’ and Swati means ‘self’.

Saraswati is the river of consciousness that enlivens creation; she is the dawn goddess whose rays disperse ignorance. Her vehicle is the swan, symbolising pure knowledge and her herald, the peacock, is a symbol of the arts and considered to be a bird of protection for the psychic self bringing harmony and joy to our minds.

Devi Designs has dedicated this collection to Mah Saraswati who is the total embodiment of creativity, music, knowledge, wisdom and flow on all levels. She is associated with the second Chakra, Svadisthana chakra, representing the element of water, sensuality and sexuality.



With five high-grade gemstones to choose from we are positive there is something for everyone in this Devi Designs Saraswati inspired collection. Each stone holds a different vibration of Saraswati, what you calling in…

Amethyst: Wisdom, Balance, Intuition – Third Eye Chakra

Blue Topaz: Awareness, Creativity, Truth – Throat Chakra

Peridot: Prosperity, Rejuvenation, Love – Heart Chakra

Citrine: Manifestation, Will, Abundance – Solar Plexus Chakra

Garnet: Energy, Compassion, Protection – Base Chakra

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