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Sri Yantra Wrap designed by Delamay Devi and produced in Bali with cotton lycra.

The Sri Wrap represents the goddess in her true form of Shri Lalita or Tripura Sundari. The print has nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central (Bindu) point encased by a double Padma (lotus flower). “Sri’ translates as grace, splendour, lustre, beauty, wealth, affluence and prosperity.

Four triangles reaching towards the heavens symbolises Shiva or the sacred Masculine and five triangles extending downward, symbolises the female embodiment Shakti. Thus the Sri Yantra embodies the union of the Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Choose to wrap yourself up in Gorgeous Teal (our most popular colour), Deep Black, Vibrant Purple, Elegant Cream, Sky Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Sunset Orange, Forest Green, Majestic Mauve or Pure White.

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Our Sri Wraps come in one size only. Due to the nature of cotton lycra one size fits many body shapes. The measurements are calculated before any stretch in the design.

Sleeve: From shoulder tip to wrist cuff 58cm / 23inches
Back Length: 40cm / 15.5inches
Shoulder Tip To Shoulder Tip: 41.5cm / 16inches
Wrap Ties: From side waist to wrap tip 113cm / 44.5inches.
Total Length Of Wrap Ties*: 266cm / 105inches
*The ties are long to offer multiple ways to wrap, style and wear.

Our wraps are made individually so the details here may vary. Wholesale options available! Please get in touch for if you have any questions.

Washing instructions
To look after these Sri Wraps we recommend to either hand wash or use a gentle wash cycle with a low heat. Let them to dry naturally inside out or in a low temperature drier. Please note cotton lycra will not last long with constant high temperature drying.

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